Introduction and application 

Often a course-institute lets you start right away after your application. This seems okay but results in disturbance and lack of clarity. In case students step-in or step-out every few weeks, too much different levels are gathered in a single group. This would result in minimal instruction-time per level. The frequent group-changes would make this even worse and trigger a restless atmosphere.

That’s why ‘Het Wereldcollege’ does things differently. We think it is important to get to know you, bond a team together with the fellow-students and create a good atmosphere in your group. That’s why ‘Het Wereldcollege’ has chosen to start a new group few times a year.

Send a mail or contact us by phone for more information and a preliminary interview. During the interview, you can apply right after in case you are already alphabetized. After your application, an assessment is the first step to analyze your initial skill-level and give you a forecast of the course-duration. We have the certification for ‘Blik op Werk.’

We can assist you in requesting a loan from the DUO to pay the course-fee. Apply for your course at short term to guarantee your training at ‘Het Wereldcollege’. See you soon!



Contact us

The classes are taught at a central location in Heerhugowaard at Industriestraat 8 close to the station at the building of dansschool Biersteker

Telephone number Angelique: +31 (0)6 485 221 66

Telephone number  Claudine: +31 (0)6 535 612 35

Mailing adress:

Het Wereldcollege
Industriestraat 8
1704 AA Heerhugowaard