Special activities

There is a special activity every 6 weeks. In this activity the Dutch language and / or Dutch culture is central.

Oct 19 Visit company

July 19 The end of the schoolyear

June 19 Visit Rataplan and Nic Oud

May 19 Surprise with Music

March19 Visit gemaal en workshop CK Bloemen

February 19 Visit vrijwilligerscentrale en Laan Tulips

January 19 Visit Rataplan

Dec 18 Sinterklaas and Christmas celebrate for all groups

Nov 18 Visit Kracht on Tour and Artfarm

Oct 18 Presentation Thobs and visit library

June 18 Visit to Nic.Oud and presentation GGD

April 18 Visit Espeq and presentation MET HHW

March 18 Visit Bravilor and Kunstkerk Heerhugowaard

Feb 18 Visit library, presentation Job Range and MET HHW


Dec 17 Sinterklaas and Christmas celebrate for all groups

Nov17 Making recipes and company visit Nic.Oud

Oct 17 Workshop CK Flowers, being creative and broadening vocabulary for beginners / Visit Artfarm and Kracht on Tour for advanced students.

July 17 Stadswandeling Alkmaar for advanced students / Visit to Kaasmarkt in Alkmaar for beginners.

June 17 Guided tour of the library in Heerhugowaard for both groups.

May 17 Delicious lunch with (Dutch) sandwiches with all students. Most students had to get used to the raisin

Holidays and days off

Herfstvakantie: 19 t/m 27 oktober 2019

Kerstvakantie: 21 december t/m 5 januari 2020

Krokusvakantie: 15 februari t/m 23 februari 2020

Goede Vrijdag: 10 april 2020

Tweede Paasdag: 13 april 2020

Meivakantie: 22 april t/m 5 mei 2020

Hemelvaart: 21 en 22 mei 2020

Tweede Pinksterdag: 1 juni 2020

Zomervakantie: 4 juli t/m 16 augustus 2020

Contact us

The classes are taught at a central location in Heerhugowaard.

Telephone number Angelique: +31 (0)6 485 221 66

Telephone number  Claudine: +31 (0)6 535 612 35

Mailing adress:

Het Wereldcollege
Handelsstraat 6
1704 AB Heerhugowaard