What do the lessons cost?

The price of the lessons is € 15,00 per hour.

This price is excluding the costs for books and exams.

We would like to make a personal offer to our students with an overview of the costs.

‘Het Wereldcollege’ is in possession of ‘Het Keurmerk Blik op Werk’. This means that we are recognized by the government as a qualified language school.

‘Blik op Werk’ has made demands which applies for all education institutes that are in possession of the label.

The school will be checked every year by an independent agency. The agency advises ‘Blik op Werk’ and ‘Blik op Werk’ will then asses if the label is renewed.

The aim of the label is to maintain good quality, by which the DUO is satisfied that ‘Het Wereldcollege’ provides courses of good quality.


Contact us

The classes are taught at a central location in Heerhugowaard at Industriestraat 8 close tot the station and in the building of Het Spoorkantoor

Telephone number Angelique: +31 (0)6 485 221 66

Telephone number  Claudine: +31 (0)6 535 612 35

Mailing adress:

Het Wereldcollege
Industriestraat 8
1704 AA Heerhugowaard